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Project of transportation two motor boats

Beneficiary / place of delivery of the yacht PRINCESS-62 - LLC Conterra, Irkutsk region, g.Usole-Cibirskoe Beneficiary of the yacht AQUALUM - a private person. Place of delivery - c/s Irkutsk.
Cargo: Pleasure Marine boat - 2 units 1. Yacht - AQUALU,flag Russia 2. Yacht - PRINCESS-62
Yacht - AQUALUM flag Russia Length - 10,7 m Width - 3,5 m Draught - 0,9 m Height - 3,5 m. Weight - 5,8 mt
Yacht - PRINCESS-62 Length - 19.30 m Width - 5.03 m Draught - 2,5 m Height - 5,3 m Weight - 30.0 mt
Route of a cargo: NCSP, Novorossiysk - Irkutsk region. Shipment has arrived from the city of Sinop, Turkey, its course and was moored to the pier, NCSP.
After processing all the necessary customs documents, motor boats were moored the pier number 9, NCSP, where their recovery from the water and directed to a motor vehicle under the supervision of customs officers and border guards.
For the export of cargoes from Novorossiysk have been used the machine of escort RPS, and auto-tower for lifting power lines along the route of cargo.
The cargo was removed from the NCSP in the late evening. For a complete cross-yacht PRINCESS-62 for height along the route trolley electric wires have been disabled.
Transportation had the hit and both the goods were shipped out of town and proceeded on his further rout in the Irkutsk region.

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