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Project Wind-Generator for Wind park Ochakovskiy Ltd.

Supplier: Concern Fuhrlander AG (Germany) Beneficiary: Wind park Ochakovskiy Ltd. (Ukraine) Project for transportation of equipment was carried out by DealexTransport Ltd. (Ukraine) and NPT Ltd. (Russian Federation) Date of projects execution: 10.07.2011 - 20.10.2011
Delivery of equipment to consignee for this project was carried out by water and surface transport. In process of working on the details of delivery route, port of Ochakov, Nikolaevskaya oblast (Ukraine) was selected as a point of transshipment, with further transportation to destination: settlement Dmitrovka, Nikolaevskaya oblast, Ukraine.
Cargo: 10 packages of wind generators FL 2500-100 capacity 2,5 Milliwatt/unit, including: tower with five sections, three vanes, car [control cabinet FL-Scada on platform of hardware-based ensuring WP4000] of German company Fuhrlander AG, rotor and other components.
Development of optimal scheme for transportation of each component, as well as handling on inside port storage area were carried out by forwarders. For driving out of port gates with heavy and oversized cargoes (vanes 52 meters, car, sections of tower (weight up to 75 tons)) was built technological road, by means of which all cargo exported from port.
Towers: Sections of towers were transported on fixed wooden legs used while auto-transportation and further warehousing of cargo at foundation long before beginning assembling.
Car: Transportation was carried out on trawl with sliding bottom and necessary carrying capacity.
At the rear port cargo was stored by means of automobile cranes.
Loading of equipment on transport and delivery to consignee.
Unloading by boat cranes from both vessels. Forwarder should not only to deliver the equipment to place of assembling, but also to unload and arrange equipment on installation site in order to avoid additional cargo transportation during assembling. Forwarder also took part in assembling of equipment.
For movement of cargo out of ship board and further stowage in storehouse were used special equipment and automobile cranes carrying capacity 100 and 95 tons.
Vanes: Each vane was transported in fixed transframes based on vane standing points installed by manufacturer.
The whole work package (calculations, drafts, fastening, customs clearance) was made in the shortest term without any reclamations from Customer and Consignee.

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