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Project delivery set of compressors for makeup hydrogen to Tuapse Refinery

Early October this year "Novorossiysk Port Terminal" Ltd. completed the project delivery of three sets of reciprocating compressor makeup hydrogen units from the territory of "Tuapse Commercial Sea Port" JSC to the site of Tuapse refinery. The shipment consisted of 40 items weighing totally 926 gross tons, including 6 large heavy-lift cargo items: engines weighing 73.5 tons and frames weighing 38.0 tons each.
Initially the possibility of passing heavy trucks of various configurations with engines of bridges across the river of Tuapse has been checked. With due regard to the state of the structure and length of the bays, calculations were made and the conclusion of the possibility of passing it on heavy trucks was taken.
Two traffic police cars, pilot car, mast for raising trolley line of street-road lighting on the route the city of Tuapse were involved for escort the transportation of oversized heavy goods.
The problem to solve by consignee - the loading and delivery of three engines in the shortest possible time - was performed at the highest professional level in 2 truck trips in a night.
The total time of the preparation works was about two months, and the transport delivery of all shipment was completed in 5 days.

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