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Transportation of the equipment to the consignee under this project was effected by two types of transport: by river-sea type vessels and by trucks. The last vessel transported equipment sailed from port of Illychevsk close to the expiration of river navigation season. The permission required to steer above vessel to the point of final destination after river navigation season was obtained from Azov-Don State Department of Water Ways and Navigations.
This project provided transportation of oversized equipment from Port of Illychevsk (Ukraine) for cement plant in Saratov Region.
Total weight of transported equipment is 6900 mt.
Total volume of transported equipment amounts to 27000 cub.m.
Loading of equipment in Port of Illychevsk (Ukraine).
Unfurnished berth of Volsk which is situated on Volga River.
Discharging of equipment by non self-propelled float crane equipped by three 50 mt capacity derricks.
Entracking of equipment and delivery to the consignee.

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