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Forwarding Services

Forwarding Services Novorossiysk Port Terminal Ltd. provides whole range of cargo forwarding services in Port of Novorossiysk.

Having direct commercial relationships with all stevedoring companies we offer port forwarding services and transshipment of cargoes by way of Port of Novorossiysk.

The main area of companys activity:
  • Organization of transportation of different types of cargoes including containers, oversized cargoes and cargoes required different custom clearances;
  • Control of all operations connected with transportation in port of loading and port of destination;
  • Payment of tariffs and additional services route-wide (all over the route);
  • Cargo position monitoring all over the route;
  • Official registration of complete package of shipping documentation;
  • Settlement of customs formalities (custom clearance), consulting on matters of custom legislation, registration of all documents confirming export permit;
  • Supervision for cargo loading operations;
  • Provision of cargo handling in port: survey and calculation of cargoes, secure repacking of cargoes, transshipment on trucks and railroad transport.
Port of Novorossiysk is a key gateway for shipment of a wide range of Russian import and export cargoes. Port of Novorossiysk situated in north-east part of Black Sea is one of the main Russian ports and fifth largest port in Europe. It is multi-purpose, year-round, deepwater Port of Black sea which has a rare combination of geographic and infrastructure advantages among ports in the Black Sea-Azov basin. Multi-purpose facilities give an opportunity to handle different types of cargoes (bulk cargoes, general cargoes and containers) and react rapidly to changes in the types of cargoes, delivered through Port of Novorossiysk.

Novorossiysk Port Terminal Ltd. has long-term of forwarding and business partnersnips; therefore, if you apply to our Company, you can rest assured that forwarding of any cargo will be carried out properly. In addition to above mentioned services we provides services of full customs maintenance, obtaining all required Certificates and following sea & land delivery of cargoes, as we are engaged in multimodal transportation. As a result your cargoes will be delivered promptly and without any delays. If you order port forwarding service via Novorossiysk Port Terminal Ltd., you take an assistance of high-quality experts of different specialization with long-term experience.

We ensure high quality of our SERVICES.

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Novorossiysk Port Terminal Ltd.

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