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Railroad and motorway transportation

Railroad and motorway transportation Novorossiysk Port Terminal Ltd. has the long-term experience and professional partnerships in the field of organization of railroad transportation of various cargo types (oversized and heavy lift cargoes, metal-roll products, big-bags, pallets, containers, pipes, wheel and caterpillar machines, products of heavy engineering industry, etc.) both inland and in international transport.

We are in a position to effect railroad carriage using any type of railway transport, viz:
  1. covered waggons;
  2. open-top waggons;
  3. multipurpose platforms;
  4. fitting platforms;
  5. railway transporters of any kind (4-axle 32-axle, cargo capacity from 64 mt till 500 mt, area type, platform type and linked type transporters).
Therewith we effect the whole range of operations required for railroad transportation of regular cargoes (such as metal-roll products, big-bags, pallets, containers, pipes, etc.), as well as oversized and heavy lift cargoes, in addition:
  1. request and coordination of railroad carriage project;
  2. railway bill issuing;
  3. custom transit formalities;
  4. issuing and confirmation of schemes for carriage properly sized cargoes in open-top and covered waggons, multipurpose and fitting platforms;
  5. operative creation, coordination and confirmation of railway transportation projects of oversized and heavy lift cargoes in JSC Russian Railways (Moscow);
  6. cargo lashing (properly sized cargoes, oversized and heavy lift cargoes) of various degree of complexity on any suitable for concrete cargo railroad transport, including protectors preventing theft of cargo during a delivery period;
  7. tracking and protection of cargoes during a delivery period on any directions.
Our company have the opportunity to effect all above mentioned operations in ports of Azov&Black Seas (Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Temryuk, Port Kavkaz, Rostov-on-Don) as well as at any railway station of North Caucasus Railways (we have direct business relationships with JSC Russian Railways and the special group of experts).

Placing an order with our company our Clients:
  1. get complete and high quality service from the moment we receive their request till the moment we deliver a cargo to a consignee;
  2. obtain balanced quality-price ratio;
  3. have no reasons for claiming.
You can find completed railroad projects effected by our Company in section =OUR PROJECTS=.

We ensure high quality of our SERVICES.

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Novorossiysk Port Terminal Ltd.

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